Give your operations the advantage of the 3rd dimension

Increase your operational potential from the field to the command post

Observation of fire resumption in the South of France, recognition before intervention following Irma Hurricane, security of supporters around the stadium of Bordeaux during the EURO 2016 soccer cup : the scope of intervention of Novadem drones to the benefit of security missions is significant.The NX70 provides our security forces with real operational added value before, during and after the operation.

The Novadem NX70 drone has been designed as a real tool for our security forces to increase their efficiency while limiting their risks exposure. Thanks to the NX70, the 3rd dimension naturally becomes accessible and increases your operational potential.

Only 2.2 lbs

A minimal logistic footprint

3G/4G information sharing

A real-time and remote follow-up of operations via a secured server


Implementation speed and simplicity

System deployed in less than 1 min

An endurance of up to 45 mins

A unique endurance in the category of micro-drones

3x Cameras

2x HD day cameras and 1x thermal camera (320 or 640)

All weather capabilities

Rain, wind up to 40 mph, wide temperature range

Find all the features of the NX70 drone solution dedicated to public safety professionals in the documentation below.

More than 5 years of operational experience feedback

NOVADEM drones provide firefighters (S.D.I.S, BMPM, DGSCGC,…) with operational added value at every stage of their mission for nearly five years :

– Before the intervention, it provides a better understanding of the situation in order to rationalize the resources involved,

– During the operation, it provides a complete and objective image of the situation to the benefit of ground crews and command post,

– Post-intervention, it represents a valuable means of intervention analysis and debriefing.

A real-time vision of the situation to the benefit of the command post

 Thanks to the embedded 3G / 4G module, the NX70 drone can broadcast images to the command post to optimize operations monitoring.

Access to images is done via a secured connection from any mobile device.

The images access management is entirely customizable (permanent access, definition of a password per operation, etc.).

Do not just oberve. Act.

When helicopter air support on the area is not available and the situation requires fast intervention, the NX70 moves into action.  Its 300g carrying capacity allows it to drop different types of devices : medikit, reel to pull a zip line and to quickly access the victim, etc.

Novadem remains available to design other devices that bring operational added value to your missions.

Valuable time gained thanks to detection capabilities of the thermal camera

The day and thermal bi-spectral payload (320 or 640) of the NX70 allows to see what the eye alone cannot see : a hot spot after a forest fire, a lost person, etc.

Beyond the thermal channel, the NX70 is endowed with two day channels, one with a wide visual field of view and the other with a narrow visual field of view. In order to quickly send the ground crews to the area of interest, the software displays the GPS coordinates of the observed point of interest.

When every second counts

Every summer in the calanques of Marseille, hikers are injured after a fall which require the intervention of specialized units  to rescue them.

Due to numerous interventions during the summer, helicopter support is not always available in the area. The NXDROP capabilities of the NX70 allow to gain valuable time. Equipped with its Kevlar reel, the NX70 moves from one side of the cliff to the other within seconds, allowing teams to pull a zip line and to reach the victim.

In this kind of situation, a few seconds can make a significant difference.

A logistic footprint adapted to the operation and demanding field

The NX70 solution is delivered in a single hardened case including all the equipment needed for the operation. However, in order to ensure the mobility of the operator in field often very demanding, a backpack is also available.

It allows you to take the drone, its ground station and three batteries to have more than 2 hours of flight endurance.

The global answer to your deployment project

More than ten years of customers feedback to ensure the success of your project

Beyond the hardware part, we guide you all along your deployment project : regulation, equipment, available options and configurations, maintenance and training. Thanks to our approved trainers partners (French National Gendarmerie, Firefighters, etc.), you will benefit from your peers’ real operational feedback. 


Drone / Payload  / Ground Station / Software / Accessories


Maintenance and assistance : Novadem offers its customers a dedicated service including a hotline / technical suport / updates / after-sales


Operator Training : Theoretical and practical to control piloting, safety and first level maintenance

Trainer Training : Become autonomous to train your own teams

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