1st June 2023 marked the end of the dynamic demonstrations at the NRBC symposium in Fontevraud, where the NX160, a light and versatile mini-UAV from Novadem’s NX range, shone during the presentation of two crucial scenarios. These demonstrations highlighted the NX160’s exceptional capabilities in situations where detection and rapid response are essential.

In the first scenario, the NX160 was deployed to counter a potential radiological threat. Working in conjunction with the Mirion Technologies, Inc. radiation meter, the UAV was used to effectively detect and locate the radiation source, enabling a rapid and appropriate response to neutralise the threat.

The second scenario highlighted the NX160’s ability to respond to a suspected chemical threat. Equipped with Proengin’s AP4C+ detector, the drone quickly removed any doubt about the presence of dangerous chemical substances in the environment. Its intervention made it easier to take informed decisions to manage the situation appropriately.

The NX160 drone’s participation in these dynamic CBRN demonstrations underlined its versatility and effectiveness in complex and constantly changing environments. By switching from one sensor to another directly on the ground, the NX160 demonstrated its ability to adapt quickly to operational requirements, offering a flexible and reliable solution for critical missions.

NX160 drone takes part in dynamic CBRN demonstration
NX160 drone takes part in dynamic CBRN demonstration

This demonstration highlights the growing importance of innovative technologies such as Novadem’s NX160 in the response to CBRN threats. By providing advanced and adaptive tools, Novadem continues to play an essential role in protecting public safety and security, thereby helping to strengthen resilience in the face of contemporary challenges.