At the Salon International de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (SIAE), held from 19 to 25 June 2023 at the Parc des Expositions du Bourget, the aerospace industry once again unveiled its latest technological advances. This historic, post-COVID edition brought together more than 2,400 exhibitors from 47 countries, offering an exceptional showcase for innovation and collaboration in the sector. During the exhibition, NOVADEM positioned itself as a major player in the field of UAVs, highlighting its solutions and innovations through a number of well-known collaborators from the world of defence and aerospace.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights of NOVADEM’s show, which captured the attention of visitors:

Modernisation of the NX70 with the Ministry of the Army

The Ministry of the Army showcased NOVADEM’s NX70 UAV, highlighting its operational performance. With over 14,000 flights to its credit and more than 4 years of service with the armed forces, the NX70 will undergo a major upgrade to bring it into line with the latest production standards, upgrading to version block 2.2. This upgrade will further enhance its capabilities and efficiency in the field.

Ministry of Defence puts the NX70 in the spotlight
Ministry of Defence puts the NX70 in the spotlight

Presentation of the HTK interceptor UAV in partnership with MBDA

Another highlight was the presentation of the HTK interceptor drone, the result of a collaboration between NOVADEM and MBDA. Co-funded by the French Ministry of Defence’s Defence Innovation Agency, the HTK, short for “Hit To Kill”, is a direct-impact interceptor drone designed specifically for anti-drone warfare. This cutting-edge technology opens up new prospects for securing sensitive areas and critical events.

Presentation of the "INTERCEPTEUR" UAV, the result of an MBDA&NOVADEM collaboration
Presentation of the “INTERCEPTEUR” UAV, the result of an MBDA&NOVADEM collaboration

Working with THALES to enhance interoperability

NOVADEM also teamed up with THALES to present its range of NX160 and NX70 UAVs, integrated with THALES’ C2 spy’C system. This collaboration has increased the interoperability of the systems, offering a complete and effective solution for complex operations. THALES’ C2 spy’C offers an intuitive and powerful interface, enabling optimal management of NOVADEM UAVs in a variety of operational scenarios.

The NX160 at the Paris Air Show
The NX160 at the Paris Air Show

The 2023 Paris Air Show was an opportunity for NOVADEM to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of UAVs. With strategic partnerships and cutting-edge products, NOVADEM continues to push the boundaries of aerospace technology, helping to shape the future of security and defence worldwide.